Retain, Acquire, Thrive:
Unleash the CASHCOW Rewards™ Advantage for Your Financial Institution


CASHCOW Rewards seamlessly integrates with your digital banking platform, can be linked to both debit and credit cards, and offers over 2 million merchant-funded SKUs for cash-back rewards. Increase card usage, account holder engagement, and interchange income effortlessly! Empower your financial institution with CASHCOW Rewards, the innovative rewards-as-a-service platform that boosts account holder loyalty, drives new account acquisitions, and enhances your bottom line, paving the way for unmatched growth and success.

of consumers overwhelmingly want to have a cash back rewards program offered by their financial institution
of consumers consider cash-back rewards an important feature when choosing a new financial institution

Financial Institution Benefits

CASHCOW Rewards introduces a significant new source of non-interest income for the financial institution through a split of the rebate dollars between the institution and the account holders, ensuring a lucrative revenue-sharing model that enhances the bottom line.

Integrating CASHCOW Rewards with digital banking boosts service quality and user experience while increasing operational efficiency with no extra staff effort. This approach enhances account holder retention, elevates transaction frequency, and maximizes digital banking ROI, leveraging the rewards program to optimize digital investment returns efficiently.

As a Rewards-as-a-Service (RaaS) platform, CASHCOW Rewards eliminates the complexity and administrative burden associated with traditional points accrual systems for credit card reward programs. The platform’s merchant-funded model ensures that rewards are straightforward and financially beneficial for the institution, without the need for complex accrual accounting.

CashCow Rewards is pivotal in securing a top-of-wallet position for the financial institution’s cards, especially appealing to crucial demographics like Millennials and Gen Z. By offering targeted rewards and incentives that align with the interests and lifestyle of these tech-savvy consumer groups, the program not only encourages increased card usage and loyalty but also effectively draws in new account holders, fostering growth and long-term engagement within these key segments.

Account Holder Benefits

CashCow Rewards elevates the financial benefits for account holders by providing cash-back rebates as high as 50% on a diverse array of products.

The program offers access to over 2 million merchant-funded SKUs, catering to every account holder’s needs and preferences, including tailored offers for specific demographics such as Millennials and Gen Z, ensuring broad appeal.

The program is designed to ensure ease of use, promoting the linked card to be used more and depositing cash back directly into account holders’ accounts, thereby increasing product usage and value.

All debit and credit card holders can be automatically enrolled in CASHCOW Rewards, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to earn rewards without any additional steps required.

How does the CASHCOW Rewards platform work?

The CASHCOW Rewards platform operates by seamlessly integrating into YOUR financial institution’s digital banking platform.

Account holders are automatically enrolled in the program and earn cash back on purchases made with their linked credit or debit cards.

The offers are merchant-funded, meaning there are limited program costs to the financial institution or the account holder.

This system encourages increased card usage and digital banking enrollments, translating to higher interchange income and enhanced account holder engagement within the digital banking platform.

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